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Asynchronous Activities

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Channeling the Doubter and Believer

This activity promotes students’ critical thinking of the revision process by asking them to act as both a “doubter” (critic) and “believer” (advocate) in the peer review process. Rather than focusing on the entire draft, students are asked to single out one particularly challenging paragraph from their draft and workshop it with their peers. 

Async RBA Peer Review

This asynchronous activity allows students to peer review their RBA drafts by focusing on higher-order content (ideas, structure, flow, clarity). It gives students focused time of work outside of class meetings while encouraging them to give and receive focused feedback on their research papers.

Analyzing Viral Videos

This fun, low-stakes activity combines an initial asynchronous step with a follow-up engagement in real-time during class.  It invites students to start thinking about research topics, practice/refresh their rhetorical analysis skills, and to develop their oral communication skills (through a brief in-class presentation).