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Filming your PWR Course Video

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Purpose Behind PWR Course Videos

In PWR, we pair course videos with our written course descriptions. While the written descriptions offer students a detailed overview of the theme and assignments, the videos offer students the opportunity to get a better sense of the instructor's particular style and enthusiasm for the topic. 

Except in rare circumstances, these videos are filmed on designated days on Stanford campus by a PWR videographer. 

Timeline for Filming Videos

As with the written course descriptions, all videos must be uploaded online early in the quarter prior to the quarter in which the course will be offered so that they are available to students to browse when enrolling for classes.  This often means that videos for the following quarter must be filmed in the first week of the previous quarter.

Instructors will receive an email from the Associate Director prompting them to sign up to be filmed a few weeks prior to the scheduled filming date.  Since the videographer is only on campus for a limited number of days, it is important that instructors make an effort to arrange their schedules to be on campus that day so as not to miss the opportunity to film their video. 

Any time instructors teach a new course, they should plan to film a course videos; in addition, instructors are always welcome to re-film an existing video if they are dissatisfied with it or would like to tweak their description or examples.

Further Details about Filming Course Videos

For more specific information on filming your course video, visit the following links: