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Library Workshop

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Preparing for the Library Workshop

Most students benefit most from their library workshop when they've started to develop important search skills and connect them to their research even before they walk into Green Library.  This activity uses a worksheet to guide students through important steps (to be completed both prior to and also during the workshop) designed to help them make the most out of their session with the librarian.

Library Game

This activity is an in-depth modification of a traditional scavenger hunt, targeting learning outcomes and research practices that students will transfer forward directly to their research project for their class.  The set-up time for a game of this sort, especially the first time through, is significant, but the pay-off for students makes it worth it.


Library Research and Zotero

Mutallip Anwar provides students with an overview of the source management program, Zotero, as a way to help them organize their sources and streamline their research. Zotero is currently free for Stanford instructors and students.