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Research Presentation

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Overview: Students translate their research-based argument and present it in a live oral presentation with multimedia support.  At end of the process, students write and submit an ungraded “Reflection on Delivery of Research Assignment.”  The  reflection should focus on how students translated written research-based argument into live delivery of research as well as their experience in delivering and presenting their final oral presentation.

Length: 10-minute live oral presentation with multimedia support; ungraded “Reflection on Delivery of Research Assignment” (i.e., cover letter or reflective memo) of 250 words. 

Sources: Students should draw on and orally cite sources in their delivery of research.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Translate, arrange, and deliver a written research-based argument into an effective oral argument
  • Critically reflect on, improve, and implement strategies for effective live oral presentations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of audience and rhetorical situation through effectively integrating evidence and sources into live oral presentation
  • Reflect on process, assessing challenges and learning moments.