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Building a Boothe Essay

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There are a lot of steps that go into writing a Boothe prize-winning essay! On these pages, you'll find some materials that may help you and your students understand more clearly what others' processes have been like when writing a Boothe-winning essay. 

See the individual essays below for a collection of the materials that go into Building a Boothe Prize winner, including (where available):

  • Student reflections
  • Student drafts and scaffolding assignments
  • Instructor reflections

Some materials are PWR-only and require a Canvas log-in.

Essays and Supporting Materials

Nicholas Branigan (Winner, Winter 2017): "Michelle K. Lee v. Simon Shiao Tam." Instructor: Paul Bator. Materials:

Veronica Kim (Honorable Mention, Winter 2017): "'It's My Mom's Recipe, and She Got It from a Video: How Food Videos Are Changing Home Cooking Culture."  Instructor: Brian Kim. Materials:

Alex Maben (Honorable Mention, Spring 2016): "Crafting CRISPR Fantasies: Flaws in Current Metaphors of Gene-Modifying Technology."  Instructor: Jennifer Johnson. Materials:

Eleonora Pinto (Honorable Mention, Spring 2015): "‚ÄúDemythologizing the TransMilenio: Why the Bus Rapid Transit System in Bogot√°, Colombia has Underserved the Urban Poor."  Instructor: Luke Parker. Materials:

Julia Sakowitz (Winner, Spring 2016): "'We're A Lot More Than Gospel Singing:' Small Tourism Businesses in Harlem and Policy Proposals for the  UMEZ." Instructor: Irene Yamboliev. Materials:

John Sholar (Winner, Spring 2015): "Bitcoin as Currency and Catalyst, or Why Bitcoin Will Fail, Why You Shouldn't Care, and What We're Missing." Instructor: Eric Vanden Bussche. Materials:

Ho Kyung Sung (Winner, Fall 2015) "Declaring Amnesty on Prostitution: A Marxist Feminist Defense of Amnesty International's Call for Decriminalization of Sex Work." Instructor: Ben Wiebracht. Materials: