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Why Teach a WIM Course?

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Gain Insight

Students learn in a variety of ways, and teaching writing in your course gives you a broadened
understanding of how students process, understand, and apply key concepts from your

Practice Innovation

Feeling like you want to mix up your teaching techniques? Writing can be a great way to
practice innovation in your classes, expanding beyond your typical teaching toolkit and trying out some new techniques.

Deepen Communication

Teaching writing in your discipline may allow you to deepen your own expertise of writing in
your own discipline while giving students opportunities to be become practitioners and participants in your field's conversations.

Engage Students

Writing in a new discipline is a challenge, one that can bring students together as a class
community and allow for more authentic engagement in disciplinary conversations.

Promote Equity

Students can struggle to enter into new disciplines because they do not have access to
the communicative strategies a discipline practices. You can help make the strategies and
ways of communicating in your discipline visible through teaching writing in your field.