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Video Alternatives

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If you are unable to schedule an appointment to film your PWR course video when our videographer is on campus, please select one of the following options (listed from most labor-intensive to least) so that we can effectively promote your course online.  From past quarters, we know that classes that don't have a video description tend to have low enrollments.  Your options include:

  1. Filming your own video. 
  2. Creating a narrated PowerPoint screencast. 
  3. Providing a representative image. 

If you are creating a video alternative, you'll need to clarify an appropriate deadline with the Associate Director and the Student Services Specialist to be sure that it can be formatted and uploaded on the same schedule as the videos produced by our videographer.

Please note that in most cases, we’ll ask you to film an official video with us on campus at the next opportunity to replace the alternative that you created (a possible exception would be Option #1 if you really created a masterpiece).

Keep in mind that no matter what option you choose, you are developing a text that advertises your course, not just you as an instructor.