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Presentation Activities

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Two (Mini) Stories about Your Name

This ice-breaker activity offers students an opportunity to get to know each other by telling two (mini) stories about their names in two 1-minute presentations, each taking a different perspective. Students will practice presenting ideas to new audiences in a concise manner and develop rhetorical awareness as they embody different storytelling perspectives.

Cross Section Dress Rehearsals

This activity mixes students across PWR 2 sections for presentation rehearsal. Each rehearsal session is facilitated by a PWR instructor or OCT, and has three students max. This format allows students to practice with at least one (usually more) audience from outside of their class. 

Impromptu Presentation: Newspaper Translation Activity

This impromptu speaking activity asks students to translate the issue from a New York Times article into an engaging 2-3 minute presentation.

Graduation Speech

Originally designed as the final reflection assignment for PWR 2, this speaking activity provides an effective capstone to students' work by asking them to analyze and then deliver graduation speeches that reflect on their work in the class.

Reverse Outlining Lunsford Presentations

This activity combines both synchronous and asynchronous elements to offer students the opportunity to work closely with samples as a way of thinking through the rhetorical opportunities available to them for their own final presentations.  It uses VideoAnt for presentation annotations.

The HUP Activity

The HUP activity can help loosen up and bond a group of students prior to presentations.