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Developing an Advanced PWR Course

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Our Advanced PWR courses offer students the opportunity to explore writing and rhetoric beyond PWR 1 and 2. These pages offer guidance on the steps instructors take to develop and prepare for an Advanced PWR course.

Proposing an Advanced PWR Course 

Interested in teaching an advanced PWR course? Here are the proposal guidelines and the steps you'll take to apply.

Developing and Writing an Effective Advanced PWR Course Proposal

Read through ideas from past focus groups about key characteristics for successful advanced PWR course description and course design.  

Applying for WAYS Certification 

Many of the advanced PWR course offerings allow students to fulfill WAYS requirements. Learn more about how your advanced PWR course might qualify for WAYS certification.

Preparing Marketing Materials 

Advanced PWR courses are still new to many Stanford students, so knowing how to market the course for students to understand its goals is important. Here are several ways you could consider marketing an advanced PWR course.