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Creating Emphasis

This speaking activity asks students to rehearse and revise their delivery of a short piece to better understand how emphasis can be used as a rhetorical strategy.

Bringing Story IQ to Academic Writing

This activity helps students experiment with ways they can use storytelling processes to help enrich academic writing.

Cultural Rhetorics

Sentence Imitation with a Cultural Rhetorics Twist

This activity puts a cultural rhetorics twist on sentence imitation—the pedagogy that seeks to expand students’ stylistic awareness and ability by having them imitate a wide variety of sentence structures. 

Learning Style with Clickers

This activity uses clickers and a powerpoint slide show to engage students in a lesson about constructing ethos through appropriate style and correctness in grammar and citation form.

Psychic Distance

This activity introduces students to the narrative concept of psychic distance and gives them a sense for how to use it rhetorically to improve their writing or their multimodal compositions.

Punctilious Rhetorical Enterprise Situation Regarding Grandiloquent Communication (aka An Exercise to Help Students Avoid Stuffy Writing)

Students read Russell Baker’s two-page parody of “Little Red Riding Hood” and analyze his argument and rhetorical strategies.