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Written Research-Based Argument

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Overview: Students create a substantial academic argument that incorporates a range of sources appropriate to their project, which may include library and Internet sources and, in some cases, field research.  The PWR 2 RBA builds on the work in the PWR 1 RBA, asking students to engage with argument and research in a manner appropriate to their greater university and disciplinary writing experience as sophomores.  At end of the process, students write and submit an ungraded “Reflection on Written Research-Based Assignment” (250 words).

Length: 3000-3600 words or 10-12 pages of research-based writing; ungraded “Reflection on Written Research-Based Argument” (i.e., cover letter or reflective memo) of 250 words. 

Sources: A minimum of 8 sources should substantively inform the essay, recognizing that a rigorous research-based argument may engage with many more sources in the research process but should actively draw on at least 8 in constructing its argument.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the rhetorical situation by addressing needs or values of the reading audience with appropriate style, appeals, and documentation conventions appropriate to a specific disciplinary context
  • Sharpen research-based writing skills by strategically integrating and organizing sources and evidence relevant for the topic, audience, and context
  • Read and interpret a broad range of data and source materials related to a subject and discern how sources contribute to existing public and/or scholarly conversations
  • Generate new ideas or insights into the conversations on a topic
  • Reflect on their learning experience in narrowing and selecting topics, researching sources for the PWR 2 RBA, framing questions, and writing style and strategies.