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Oral Delivery of Research Post-Rehearsal Assignment

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This activity asks students to annotate their dress rehearsal recording of their ODR -- through a series of guiding questions -- using the VideoAnt video annotation tool.

Activity title: Oral Delivery of Research Post-Rehearsal Assignment

Author: Valerie Kinsey

Course: PWR 2

Activity length and Schedule:  This activity takes place right after students have delivered their dress rehearsals for their final presentations.  It takes at least 30 minutes outside of class.

Activity goals: The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: 

  1. to help students identify strengths and areas for improvement in their ODR and
  2. to help students assess whether their presentation is taking shape according to plan, especially with regard to their use of time.
Activity details:  See student-facing handout for instructions, annotation prompts, and additional details.