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History of the Future

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Activity title: History of the Future

Activity brief description: Based on an activity developed by Penny Light, Chen, and Ittelson (2012), the History of the Future activity asks students to consider at the very start of the quarter what they’d like their final project to accomplish. Specifically, students are asked to consider what skills, experiences, or learning outcomes they want highlighted in their final work.

Course: PWR 1, PWR 2, Advanced PWR

Activity Length & Schedule: Out-of-class assignment, Week 1

Activity goals:

  1. Build metacognitive thought

  2. Encourage students to set goals and identify learning outcomes for themselves


Activity details: See handout here.

Additional notes: To extend their reflective thinking, students can return to this activity at the end of the quarter to compare how their expectations matched with their actual work.

This activity was originally shared during September Sessions 2016.

Image via Wikimedia, illustration by Albert Robida (1902)