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Two Elevators

Elevator Pitch with Peer Response

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Author: Alyssa O'Brien

Activity brief description: In this activity, students will be first asked to articulate the research argument in a concise, focused, and engaging way to an audience that is really invested in their research topic (i.e. give an elevator pitch).  The twist is that students will keep iterating on the elevator pitch to accommodate new potential audiences, such as someone who is less familiar with the research conversation and someone who may be interested in delving even deeper into the research. After students brainstorm three different ways of giving their elevator pitch, they actually are asked to try it in an elevator in the building and enact the experience.

Course: PWR 1 (though could be adapted for PWR 2)

Activity timing: Before students have completed a full RBA draft, but after students have completed a significant amount of their research.

Activity goals:  Through this assignment, students will

  • Refine their articulation of their research ideas
  • Find areas for potential growth of their research ideas
  • Develop an understanding of research as an iterative process
  • Communicate their research ideas to multiple audiences

Activity details: See the activity handout.