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1-Minute Screencasting Activity

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For this activity, students experiment with screencasting to develop a 1-minute screencast on a topic of their choosing; the class then gives and receives feedback on each others screencasts asynchronously.

Activity title: 1-Minute Screencasting Activity

Author: Shannon Hervey

Course: PWR 2

Activity schedule and length:  Students will spend approximately 20-30 minutes on this activity; it works well at any point in the quarter.

Activity Goals: to establish some familiarity with screencasting tools and to practice clear speaking in presentations.

Activity details:  Here are instructions for students:

  • Step 1: Watch this screencasting YouTube video.
  • Step 2: Create 2 - 4 PPT slides on a topic of your choosing (ideas: a concept from a course reading, your most favorite quarantine activity, a pet at home, your workspace, an activist movement you're excited to investigate further).
  • Step 3: Write a script of about half a page, double spaced (maybe a full page, depending on how quickly you speak). This script should take about a minute and should coincide with the PPT slides you've created.
  • Step 4: Create a screencast of a minute.  Keep in mind: Try to imbue your voice with "vocal variety" and pauses to add emphasis. You might try to work in a rhetorical question or a formal introduction/salutation. This is an opportunity to try some strategies/tools out and to get some feedback. Post your screencast to Canvas.
  • Step 5: Once you've posted, respond to two peers. Watch their screen casts with an eye toward presentation skills/strategies. What went well with their 1-minute mini presentation? What worked for you? What would you have done differently?