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What We Learned in PWR1

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This dynamic ice-breaker activity asks students to jump into the speaking activities in PWR 2 by sharing the foundations of PWR 1 with their classmates.

Author: Russ Carpenter

Activity name: “The PWR1 Interpretive Dance,” or What We Learned in PWR1

Class: PWR 2

Activity brief description: This activity provides a first week transition from PWR 1 into PWR2, allowing students to group source their knowledge of what they learned and providing a foundation for PWR2 learning outcomes. Secondarily, this activity serves as an icebreaker and allows students to get comfortable being in front of the class.

Schedule: Week 1

Activity length: 30 min.

Activity goals:

  • Group source a list of what we learned in PWR1 to use as a starting point for the PWR2 classroom. Provide a firm connection between body language/gestures and getting a message across to their audience without words.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to get to know each other in the small groups and as a class. Start to build a safe place for trying out presentation strategies and as a fun way to break the ice.

Activity details:  See handout.

Additional notes: This activity was originally published as an Activity of the Week in fall 2014.