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Crowd Sourcing Ideas for Research Topics and Paths

This discussion-board-based activity helps students narrow down their final RBA research topic by encouraging students to collaborate with each other at the initial stage of conceiving of their RBA projects. This activity gives students the freedom to brainstorm the possible shapes and paths of their RBA before committing to a topic. This ideation process is important to help students avoid getting into a situation where they start the research and writing about a topic that they later dislike or find impossible to handle.

Interactive RBA Preliminary Research Blog

This activity helps students get their feet wet in starting their RBA research and getting early feedback on their RBA projects. It reduces the burden of starting a substantial research project by allowing students to do fun, preliminary research to get their RBA going while interacting with their classmates online and helping each other make research progress.

Activity title: Interactive RBA Preliminary Research Blog

Author: Yanshuo Zhang

Beyond the Farm: Lisa Ramee and Voicing the Experience of Multicultural Youth

For this issue of the newsletter, we spoke to PWR’s Student Services Officer, Lisa Ramee. Author of two acclaimed books, Something to Say and A Good Kind of Trouble, Ramee said that “I steal from my own life” to re-create the rich but often troubled experience of multicultural youth. As an author who writes for a young audience, Ramee confesses that it was a lack of literary representation of youth of color that drove her to write for this demographic.