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Oral Delivery of Research Post-Rehearsal Assignment

This activity asks students to annotate their dress rehearsal recording of their ODR -- through a series of guiding questions -- using the VideoAnt video annotation tool.

Activity title: Oral Delivery of Research Post-Rehearsal Assignment

Author: Valerie Kinsey

Course: PWR 2

Reverse Outlining Lunsford presentations

This activity combines both synchronous and asynchronous elements to offer students the opportunity to work closely with samples as a way of thinking through the rhetorical opportunities available to them for their own final presentations.  It uses VideoAnt for presentation annotations.

Activity title: Reverse outlining Lunsford presentations

Author: Valerie Kinsey

Course: PWR 2

Global RBA Review

Overview of the activity: This activity helps students think through how the various components of their arguments (sub-arguments) work together to support their major claim. It also allows students to work in pairs and help their peers improve their argumentation by developing a critical eye toward how their peers construct their arguments. This activity encourages students to form a global overview of their RBA by mapping out their arguments and those of their peers.

Activity title: Global RBA Review

Research Proposal Planning Table

Overview of the activity: This asynchronous activity helps students thoroughly examine their research proposals with a rhetorical approach. Students not only look at different components of the research question itself, but also critically reflect on their audience and the purpose of their research to prepare for an excellent oral delivery of their research proposals.

Activity title: Research Proposal Planning Table

Author(s): Valerie Kinsey

Course: PWR 2

Stacy Pigg's, "Emplacing Mobile Composing Habits: A Study of Academic Writing in Networked Social Spaces"

While most individuals need to shut off the Internet temporarily in order to accomplish some of learning’s cognitive labor, doing so represents an unintuitive bodily response to mobile device screens as well as an act of resistance toward discourses that suggest individuals should remain always on and available. How students habitually navigate this overlap between virtual and physical space creates an embodied memory for and through writing, which influences their academic identities.