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Identifying Warrants or Assumptions

Overview of the activity: This activity is designed for students to work through the warrants and assumptions they may have for their arguments and identify possible gaps at the early stage of the research process. They can use this activity to consolidate the research process and locate useful sources and materials to formulate a coherent argument.

Activity title: Identifying Warrants or Assumptions

Author: Tesla Schaeffer

Course: PWR 1 and PWR2

Online Proposal Rehearsals

Overview of the activity: This activity gives students an opportunity to rehearse their oral research proposals outside of class time in small groups before receiving holistic feedback from a larger group.  It is designed to be completed synchronously, in real time, in small groups.  Students will take turns being presenters and audience members; they will also both present their own projects and critique their peers’ projects in one sitting. This activity allows students to receive live feedback before recording their final presentations and uploading them online.

Async Peer Review

Overview of the activity: This asynchronous activity allows students to peer review their RBA drafts by focusing on higher-order content (ideas, structure, flow, clarity). It gives students focused time of work outside of class meetings while encouraging them to give and receive focused feedback on their research papers.

Activity title: Asynchronous RBA Peer Review

Author: Tesla Schaeffer

Course: PWR 2, though could be adapted to PWR 1