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Writing Specialist Confidential: Shay Brawn, Human Biology

A WIM Sea Change

This spring, the Writing and Rhetoric Requirement Governance Board approved a change in how the Program in Human Biology designates its Writing in the Major course. Up until now, the WIM class for Hum Bio has been part of the spring quarter of the year-long, 30-unit Hum Bio Core sequence. Now, reflecting an expansion and rethinking that has been underway for more than three years, the entire three-quarter “B-Side” (explained below) sequence will be considered the WIM. What does that mean and why does it matter?

Creating Emphasis

Overview: This speaking activity asks students to rehearse and revise their delivery of a short piece to better understand how emphasis can be used as a rhetorical strategy.

Author:  Shay Brawn

Activity title: Creating Emphasis

Class: PWR 2

Brief description: Students rehearse and perform a reading of a short text; the class is divided into two groups, working in two separate classrooms.

Schedule: Anytime during the quarter