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1-Minute Screencasting Activity

For this activity, students experiment with screencasting to develop a 1-minute screencast on a topic of their choosing; the class then gives and receives feedback on each others screencasts asynchronously.

Activity title: 1-Minute Screencasting Activity

Author: Shannon Hervey

Course: PWR 2

Activity schedule and length:  Students will spend approximately 20-30 minutes on this activity; it works well at any point in the quarter.

Six Degrees of Separation

Overview of the activity: This activity helps students get to know each other and foster collaborations by allowing students to use digital brainstorming platforms to facilitate their discussions and small-group interactions.

Activity title: Six Degrees of Separation

Author(s): Shannon Hervey

Course: PWR 2

Summer PWR: Teaching Student Athletes

This summer, John Peterson and Erik Ellis worked as a team to teach two sections of PWR 1A, “Introduction to Writing at Stanford,” which is geared toward incoming freshmen athletes. While this course does not take the place of the PWR 1 writing requirement, it does serve as a bridge from high school writing to college writing and research.

The Prison Renaissance Project at Stanford – An Update

Pictured above: Vince Pane (Stanford graduate student in Chemistry and sculptor) and Emile DeWeaver (writer, co-founder of the Prison Renaissance Project, and co-director of the Prison Renaissance Project @ Stanford) speaking about their collaborative artwork at the launch of issue 2 of Incarceratedly Yours.

Preparing for the Library Workshop

Overview: Most students benefit most from their library workshop when they've started to develop important search skills and connect them to their research even before they walk into Green Library.  This activity uses a worksheet to guide students through important steps (to be completed both prior to and also during the workshop) designed to help them make the most out of their session with the librarian.

Activity title: Developing Research Skills Before and During the Library Workshop

Author: Shannon Hervey

Alan Bilansky's "Using Wikipedia to Teach Audience, Genre, and Collaboration"

This essay describes a sequence of assignments to guide students through an informed effort at making contributions to Wikipedia that persist, and suggests ways this set of exercises in social informatics may also serve a number of common goals in a variety of writing, literature, and other courses: analyzing and writing for explicit editorial guidelines

A September Sessions Reflection: The Hulk, Spock's Brain, Deliverance, and Hillel

As a new PWR hire, I approached this year’s September Sessions with equal parts enthusiasm and apprehension. I was excited to meet my new colleagues, to learn more about the university and this program’s approach to writing pedagogy. But I was also nervous that “training” would turn into clear directives from higher-ups to parrot teaching styles that might, perhaps, feel forced or inauthentic. And, as awful as it might sound, I was also a smidge indifferent, having attended many training sessions before at other campuses where the same ideas about writing pedagogy were recycled ad nauseam.