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Rhetoric from the Field: Between Getting Free and Living Free: DJing Contemporary Black Rhetorics

In May, PWR hosted a stellar virtual roundtable themed “Between Getting Free and Living Free.” Moderated by Professor Adam Banks, it featured Professor Tamika Carey from the University of Virginia, who studies the everyday rhetorical practices of the African American community; Professor LaToya Sawyer from St.

Teacher, Writer, Scholar: Norah Fahim, PhD and Jennifer Johnson, PhD

Our colleagues Norah Fahim and Jennifer Johnson have co-edited a recently published volume of scholarship, Linguistic Justice on Campus : Pedagogy and Advocacy for Multilingual Students. Their co-editors are Brooke Schreiber, Assistant Professor of English at Baruch College, CUNY, and Eunjeong Lee, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Rhetoric and Composition at University of Houston.

Another Look: Revisiting "Saying No to the Checklist" and "Thick"

PWR is a community of teachers that takes ongoing professional development seriously. As part of our ongoing learning, we read great scholarship and essays from varied disciplinary perspectives. But we often have to move through rich texts very quickly. In what will be a regular feature for the PWR newsletter, we return to articles and books that we’ve read in the past year for another look.

Coordinator's Corner: Reflecting on Writing in the Major

Taught by faculty in the departments and programs, Writing in the Major (WIM) is the third-quarter writing requirement at Stanford. Every spring, it’s my privilege as the WIM Coordinator to read nominations for the Hoefer Prize, which recognizes writing achievement in undergraduate fields of study.