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PWR in the Community: Kathleen Tarr's 8th Annual "Getting Played Symposium," a Conference on the Far-Reaching Impact of Inclusion

April 23, 2022, audiences were fortunate to participate in the 8th Annual Getting Played Symposium on Equity in the Entertainment Industry and Awards, moderated by Symposium founder and PWR Lecturer Kathleen Antonia Tarr.  Tarr, a popular instructor, who is also actress, singer, athlete, human and civil rights attorney, has a keen interest in how society's inequities manifest themselves in the entertainment media which shapes so much of our identities and understanding of the world. 

In the Moment: PWR Courses Inspire Great Student Collaborations on Algorithmic Justice

A new student-led journal named GRACE: Global Review of AI Community Ethics invites submissions from all over the globe and brings together Stanford students to collaborate on their research writing. 

PWR Profile: An Interview with Dr. Yanshuo Zhang about Cultural Rhetorics in the Classroom

[Picture above: Dr. Yanshuo Zhang (center) and students from her PWR class]

For this issue, we had the opportunity to interview PWR Fellow, Dr. Yanshuo Zhang, about her classroom strategies for helping students engage with their own cultural rhetorics in the classroom.

Q: Tell us about your background teaching cultural rhetorics on a scholarly, pedagogical, and personal level.