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Cross-Section Dress Rehearsals

This activity mixes students across PWR 2 sections for presentation rehearsal. Each rehearsal session is facilitated by a PWR instructor or OCT, and has three students max. This format allows students to practice with at least one (usually more) audience from outside of their class. 

Activity title: Cross-section Rehearsal

Author(s): Selby Schwartz, Meg Formato, & Maxe Crandall, adapted for online classes by Raechel Lee

Thinking through Storyboards

Overview: A “storyboard is the visual presentation of narrative or argumentative sequence through segmented frames that illustrate essential scenes or ideas. In a storyboard, the sequence of the “story” and the viewer’s visual experience crucially shapes understanding, meaning, and reception. By storyboarding, writers can conceptualize central ideas in terms of shots and sequences.