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Up Close with Student Award Winners: June 2022

We close out the 2021-2022 academic year by celebrating the winners of the Winter 2022 Boothe Prize and Lunsford Award, The Boothe Prize honors the best essays written for PWR1 classes while the Lunsford Award recognizes the best oral presentations delivered in PWR 2 classes. These students were honored at a Zoom ceremony in mid-May; their award-winning work will be available through our Prizes and Awards website in mid-June 2022. 

Student Spotlight: June 2022

[Pictured from left to right: Nuzhah Tarsoo, Natalie Cross, May Aye, Citlali Blanco, Vrinda Suresh and Joshua Buchi-Ahiabuike]

In this issue, we're pleased to spotlight our amazing Notation in Science Communication seniors, who completed their Notation coursework and ePortfolios during these past two pandemic-disrupted years.  These students were honored at an in-person Showcase and Conferral Ceremony in mid-May.Read below to learn more about these incredible students.

Up Close With Student Award Winners: March 2022

Our students continue to do exemplary work in their PWR classes, even with the continued pedagogical challenges brought on by the pandemic. We’re pleased to recognize the winners of the Fall Boothe Prize for Research-based Writing (PWR 1) and the Fall Lunsford Award for Oral Presentation of Research (PWR 2); we will be celebrating these students’ achievements at online ceremonies in the middle of May. 

Instructor News: December 2021

[Pictured above: Lisa Ramee, Jenne Stonaker, Daniel Bush, Nissa Cannon, and Becky Richardson at our end-of-the-quarter lunch, our first (optional) in-person event since 2019]

We'd like to begin our December Instructor News by welcoming four additional new colleagues who have just joined us in early December to teach for PWR in winter and spring this year. Please be sure to welcome them in you see them in Sweet Hall!  Read on after our new instructor profiles to learn what some of your returning colleagues have been up to this fall.

RBA Bingo

Overview: This interactive activity uses a variation on the typical Bingo game to invite students to reflect on their research journey and the process of writing an RBA.

Author: Meg Formato

Activity Name: RBA Bingo

Class: PWR 1/PWR 2

Pedagogy, trauma, and healing - Readings for a transitional fall: September Sessions Readings 2021

As we move from a tumultuous year of remote learning back toward a fall of on-campus teaching experiences, it’s hard not to think about the very real pressures of this particular pedagogical moment.  Teaching this fall will not be “normal”; our pedagogy will continue to be influenced by the ongoing experiences of life in a pandemic.  As teachers and as individuals, it's impossible not to be thinking about how trauma, anxiety, resilience, and healing will factor into our lived experience of the upcoming year.