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The Empath, the Sweetheart, and the Skeptic

This innovative modification of a peer response activity asks students to pitch their thesis statements to each other in small groups, with respondents playing the roles of an active listener (empath), a "Sweetheart" (someone who really loves the thesis statement), and then the Skeptic (someone critical of the thesis statement).  The activity will help students both support and challenge their peers’ arguments, while also cultivating a sense of the importance of audience, listening, and responding among members of the group.

Up Close with Student Award Winners: June 2021

In this issue, we’re pleased to feature the winners of the Boothe Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing from Fall 2020 and Winter 2021.  Please note that the Fall Boothe Prize winner has asked to remain anonymous, and so is not featured on this page.  All these students were honored at an online awards ceremony in May 2021; you can view the full Boothe Prize book, complete with students essays and instructor forwards, through this link

A Good Read: PWR Book Gifting over Winter Break

At the end of Fall Quarter 2020, PWR colleagues were invited to participate in a book exchange to celebrate the end of a very challenging year. Participants could gif the books anonymously, or could reveal their identity -- their choice.  Below, some of the participants share the titles of the books they received and some of their experiences and reflections on the exchange.  At the end of this article, find out what books your colleagues selected for the official PWR Book Gifting over winter break.