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Beyond the Farm: "Why Birds?," Becky Richardson on Birding and Photography

It is hard paying attention these days, not least because we have so little of that precious currency to spare. The pandemic, by shifting and intensifying everyday life's demands, has thrown our intersecting economies of attention into disorder. Maybe some of us feel mired in a deficit that seems impossible even to reduce. At such times, any investment of one’s attention in something truly worthwhile—a new skill or hobby, and especially one that brings joy to others—deserves to be celebrated.

Phyllis Kayten: Embedded Librarian

If you’re lucky enough to talk pedagogy with Phyllis Kayten, the longtime pillar of Green Library who currently serves as Outreach and Instruction Librarian, expect to hear the word “embedded” a lot. It describes every aspect of her relationship with PWR, Stanford Libraries, and the university as a whole.

So, how does someone that committed to intellectual fellowship handle the pandemic levels of dislocation that COVID-19 has inflicted on this campus community?