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Reflections in Multimodal Teaching

My course begins today with the sound of Run, Run, Mourner Run by Sweet Honey In The Rock, one of a series of songs about five minutes long that daily not only welcomes students into the space but also countdowns the beginning of class. On the smart screen at the front of the room is the first slide in my deck, a quote by Jamie Redford: “New ideas and information alone are not enough to change things.

Rockstar Rebels

For the second quarter in a row, students from one section my PWR 2 "A Rebel With A Cause: The Rhetoric of Giving A Damn" organized to keep meeting after the end of the term in order to continue discussions. This Winter 2016, students additionally sought to publish their RBAs in one volume with cover art created during a class activity. In my foreword to the volume (below), I reflect on how lucky I am to have worked with rock star rebels, wishing other instructors similar good fortune.

Tell Us Telos

Overview: Through close analysis of a TED talk, this activity encourages students to consider how to design a presentation with purpose (telos) in mind.

Author: Kathleen Tarr

Activity name: Tell Us Telos

Class: PWR 2

Activity brief description: This exercise reminds students that although they may put together a flashy presentation that captures audience attention, it is only of limited success if the presentation does not achieve its purpose.