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Digital Presenting: Oral Communication Tutoring for Online PWR 2 Classes

“This is my dream job,” says Mya Vinnett, Oral Communications Tutor (OCT) with Stanford’s Oral Comm Program. Mya has been an OCT since fall 2019. As a Communications major with her own YouTube channel and a deep interest in media broadcasting, it is second nature for her to break down how speakers engage their audiences. She loves to watch closely as YouTubers and newscasters -- and PWR 2 students -- adapt their strategies to meet the needs of each new rhetorical situation.

Coordinator's Corner: The RA Fade - When Research in PWR 1 Overshadows Rhetoric

I think it’s challenging over the course of a quarter to keep the value of the Rhetorical Analysis assignment alive throughout the whole assignment sequence.  We all know how the course focuses largely on research-based writing, with the extended research project incorporating both the Texts in Conversation and the Research-Based Argument. Those occupy so much writing and intellectual energy – and active class time – that it sometimes feels efficient to just let the RB fade.

Searching for BEAM (Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method) to Guide Research

Overview: This activity, derived from Joseph Bizup, teaches research by helping students understand their sources through a rhetorical framework.

Author:  John Peterson

Activity name: Searching for BEAM (Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method) to Guide Research