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Uncertainty, Hunger, Hopes: Frosh and Froshmores on the Return to In-Person Learning

Hopes for help, discussion, and connection dominated in a survey of incoming frosh and returning sophomores. Two short questionnaires (conducted in early August) asked students to share their hopes and concerns, and to provide input on what they want PWR instructors to know (and to provide a list of what to hang onto as we move from remote to in-person learning).

Channeling the Doubter and Believer

Overview of the activity: This activity promotes students’ critical thinking of the revision process by asking them to act as both a “doubter” (critic) and “believer” (advocate) in the peer review process. Rather than focusing on the entire draft, students are asked to single out one particularly challenging paragraph from their draft and workshop it with their peers during the asynchronous time of an online quarter. Students are encouraged to think about their peers’ paragraphs from multiple perspectives (both supportive and critical).