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unBox: Research in Action

If someone asked me about the best thing I did over summer vacation, my first answer would be the toadlet migration I witnessed during my birthday camping trip, but the second would have to be listening to students talk about data scraping Twitter using R at a weekly unBox meeting. Of course, I had no idea what that meant, but hey, I’m lucky enough to love learning even when I’m in way over my head.

Writing Specialist Confidential: Donna Hunter, History Department

Being the Writing Specialist in the Economics department in 2013-14 was challenging, not just because I was reading Greek, but because, as you might imagine, problem sets are the foundation of Stanford’s undergraduate Economics department rather than essay assignments.  Being the History department’s Writing Specialist means, by contrast, partaking in an embarrassment of riches for a person with a Humanities background. Writing is the discipline’s bread and butter.

Coordinator's Corner: "Class Observation": Two words that can strike terror in the minds and bellies of instructors. Do they have to?

It’s 1:05, still 15 more minutes to go before class ends. I keep wishing there was a clock in the room or a window to distract me. How long can it take for 15 students to choose a horse?

Finally, they’re off. Oh man, but where’s Ocho Ocho Ocho? Frosted is way out in front. Itsaknockout is coming up on the outside. And now American Pharaoh takes the lead, American Pharaoh, American Pharaoh wins it.

Metonyms and Lenses – Focusing Your Research

Overview: This topic helps students narrow and focus their research topics by having them consider them in reference to the idea of the metonym.

Author: Donna Hunter (adapted from an assignment by former PWR lecturer Scott Herndon)

Activity name: Metonyms and Lenses: Focusing your Research

Class: PWR 1/PWR 2