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Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Workshops

Overview: These two activities are designed to introduce students to the idea of a thesis statement for a rhetorical analysis essay and provide structured peer feedback on their draft thesis statement.

Activity title: Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Workshops

Author: Chris Kamrath

Course: PWR 1

Coordinator's Corner: Asking the Boothe Essays: Or, How Can We Learn from Our Archive of Boothe Prize Winning Essays

When I first arrived at Stanford, I found the Boothe Prize essays to be an incredible teaching resource. Here was an archive of excellent writing that that helped me introduce students to what was often the longest and most daunting essay they had ever written.

Following a Citation Trail

Overview: This set of activities encourages students to understand how they can use sources to read their way into an ongoing scholarly or public conversation by working closely with citations, Google Scholar, and library workshop skills.

Activity title: Following A Citation Trail

Author: Chris Kamrath

Coordinator's Corner: What Does That “R” in PWR Really Mean? - Theorizing Rhetoric to Teach Rhetorical Analysis

On December 9th, PWR lecturers gathered for a workshop on teaching rhetorical analysis-an infrequently discussed, yet incredibly important assignment. Erica Cirillo-McCarthy, Erik Ellis, Cassie Wright and I each presented our own efforts to introduce students to rhetorical theory and prepare them to write an argument that analyzes the rhetoric of another text, space or object. If you missed the workshop, you can download the video today.

Impromptu Presentation–Newspaper Translation Activity

Overview: This impromptu speaking activity asks students to translate the issue from a New York Times article into an engaging 2-3 minute presentation.
Author: Chris Kamrath
Activity name:  Impromptu presentation: Newspaper translation activity
Class: PWR 2