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Beyond the Farm: In the Garden with Dr. Jennifer Stonaker

This quarter, one of my student’s presentations starts with the now very common and exigent question: “What is your pandemic hobby?”

Certainly we are familiar with the standards: making sourdough, knitting, and my personal favorite, gardening. I have grown up around beautiful gardens both big and small since I can remember, from exotic equatorial plants in Colombia to my mom’s tenacious, colorful landscaping creations that somehow survived blistering Texas summers. 

Moving Forward in the Counterstory Journey

It is safe to say that few guest speakers in the past several years have contributed to the PWR goals and ethos as much as Dr. Aja Martinez. As what a late-night television host might call “a friend of the program,” Martinez has spoken about her evolving work on critical race theory and counterstory on several occasions.

Beyond the Farm: How Podcasting with a Kid Awakens My Spirit of Curiosity

It’s no secret that I love radio and podcasts. My love of listening to podcasts in the car, however, is sometimes thwarted by the presence of the children in my life, for whom many of my favorite podcasts are not appropriate for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, in the past couple of years there has been an upsurge in the number of quality podcasts made for children or all-ages audiences. Now my 8-year-old son William and I have several favorites that we regularly enjoy together, with themes that include storytelling, radio dramas, science, and history.