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Two (mini) stories about your name

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This ice-breaker activity offers students an opportunity to get to know each other by telling two (mini) stories about their names in two 1-minute presentations, each taking a different perspective. Students will practice presenting ideas to new audiences in a concise manner and develop rhetorical awareness as they embody different storytelling perspectives.

Activity titleTwo (mini) stories about your name

AuthorJennifer Johnson

Course: PWR 1 or 2

Activity length and schedule:  20 minutes, week 1-2

Activity goals:

  • Get to know each other and have fun!
  • Share a window into the relationship between language and identity.
  • Practice presenting our ideas to new audiences in a concise manner.
  • See value in perspective/viewpoint---there‚Äôs never a single story!

Activity details:  Please find the handout with detailed instructions here.