In the Moment

Balloon arch at Hume Center celebration
Jun 3, 2022
On Thursday, May 12th, Stanford’s Hume Center for Writing and Oral Communication hosted a celebration of two momentous milestones: the 20th anniversary of the Hume Center (formerly the Stanford Writing Center), and the 25than
GRACE: Global Review of AI Community Ethics
Mar 14, 2022
A new student-led journal named GRACE: Global Review of AI Community Ethics invites submissions from all over the globe and brings together Stanford students to
students talking with visiting writer
Dec 8, 2021
[Above: ESF/PWR Students respond to Tara Westover’s talk on writing and her book,
Main Quad, Stanford University
Aug 31, 2021
Hopes for help, discussion, and connection dominated in a survey of incoming frosh and returning sophomores.
Jun 6, 2021
By Tessa Brown and Nissa Ren Cannon
Mar 18, 2021
Across our different backgrounds, disciplines, and approaches to teaching in PWR, one thing that holds us all together is our commitment to thinking about the power of communication—what stories we tell and how.
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