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person at podium
Jun 14, 2022
In this game, students practice presenting key aspects of their presentation, using different public speaking genres. Activity title: Presentation Genre Game
Jan 31, 2022
The HUP activity can help loosen up and bond a group of students prior to presentations. Activity title: The HUP activity Author: Kath Rothschild
Sep 2, 2021
With the first day of class approaching, there's one type of activity that many of us may be pondering: the ubiquitous icebreaker.  Although it can be designed in many different ways, the icebreaker serves an important function for
Jun 6, 2021
By Donna Hunter and Sangeeta Mediratta
Mar 19, 2021
[Above: A meme created by a student in Nissa Cannon's PWR 1 class]
Nov 24, 2020
For this issue's Activity Showcase, we're pleased to spotlight a set of asynchronous multimodal activities developed by Harriett Jernigan.
Sep 4, 2020
In early summer, in response to the shift to a primarily online environment for the 2020-2021 academic year, Stanford's Registrar announced a change to
Jun 11, 2020
Overview: This activity asks students to think about the role writing can play in imagining a better world.
Mar 24, 2020
Overview: This activity asks students to experiment with high style and deliberate use of rhetorical devices in crafting a short one minute "speech-bite" pitch about their project, which they record as an audio file.
The Uprising (L'Emeute) by Honoré Daumier
Dec 9, 2019
Activity title:  Voice Warm-up Author:  Tom Freeland Course:  PWR 2
May 17, 2019
Overview: This activity introduces the concept of mining reading, a way of reading for research that asks students to mine texts for ideas and extensions for a research project.
A pile of paper zines from the 1980s and 1990s, exhibiting subversive titles
Feb 27, 2019
Overview: Students create "mini-zines" to help them conceptualize the organization and structure of their RBAs. Activity Title: Mini-Zines for RBA Structure
A white whale swims through the ocean.
Nov 19, 2018
Overview: This activity has two main goals.
A person works at a laptop and writes in a notebook.
Sep 19, 2018
Overview: This activity invites students to explore how materiality affects content through responding to a writing prompt using different sets of writing materials.
A field of green grass with a chalk white line drawn in the middle.
Sep 7, 2018
Overview: This activity is a modified version of commonly-used “Crossing the Line” or “Beyond the Line” activity you may have previously experienced, notably in that it is rooted in the specific reading/listening assignment.
Mar 2, 2018
Building on PWR’s exploration of cultural rhetorics during September Sessions, Program Meetings, and guest lectures this year, the Teaching and Tutoring Practices Committee is happy to showcase four teaching activities that provide ideas for how t
Jan 10, 2018
Overview: Students read Russell Baker’s two-page parody of “Little Red Riding Hood” and analyze his argument and rhetorical strategies.
Stanford University campus from above
Sep 5, 2017
Overview: This activity invites students to close read a space on campus by identifying the space's audience and purpose and determining which parts of the space are private/public and welcoming/unwelcoming to visitors.
Mar 11, 2017
Overview: Adapted from PWR 2's former final reflection assignment, this activity asks students to reflect on the activities they've completed for the class and align them with the course goals by creating a short oral pitch w
Trail of papers
Jan 30, 2017
Overview: This set of activities encourages students to understand how they can use sources to read their way into an ongoing scholarly or public conversation by working closely with citations, Google Scholar, and library wor
Nov 23, 2016
Overview: In the first week of class, students will brainstorm what they want a final project or essay to accomplish by the end of the quarter.  
Nov 23, 2016
Overview: This in-class exercise helps students to assess and identify different types of sources. It focuses considerable attention on visual signifiers that differentiate different types of sources.
Railroad Tracks
Oct 28, 2016
Overview: This assignment invites students to choose the genre and the mode in which they’d like to communicate the argument made in their Research-Based Argument from PWR 2.
Infographic Image
Oct 19, 2016
Overview: This assignment asks students to adapt their ideas from their RBA proposal into an infographic to be later accompanied by a 3-minute presentation. Activity title: Infographic Assignment
Sep 2, 2016
Overview:  This out-of-class activity helps students experiment with the genre of email writing (also known as netiquette), while also encouraging students to formally reintroduce themselves to their lecturers after their fir
Whiteboard with writing on it
May 1, 2016
Overview: An ideal PWR1 or PWR2 segue activity into in-class revision work or a peer review session, this short and simple “linguistic experiment” offers students a window into the performative nature of language, or “How to
Student in white sweater gesturing during a presentation
Mar 22, 2016
An ideal class activity for Week 1 of the quarter, this lesson plan from the TeachingPWR archive provides students with the opportunity to put their knowledge of rhetoric into practice through two short 1-minute presentations
Picture of quotation marks from
Overview:  In this activity derived from Joseph Bizup's, students review a handout about the different rhetorical impacts of quoting and paraphrasing strategies, and then apply them to their own writing.
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