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TiC Playlist (Layer C - Ideation and Development Series)

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Activity title: The T.i.C. Playlist

Author: Harriett Jernigan

Course: PWR 1

Activity length and schedule: This activity works best when beginning the (T.i.C.) assignment, before or immediately after the topic proposal, and typically takes three days (from date of assignment to due date). 

Activity goals:

  • Initiate the search for sources for the T.i.C.
  • Frame research as an enjoyable endeavor
  • Prompt artistic innovation
  • Prompt serendipitous discovery

Activity details: See detailed activity description (Canvas log-in required)

Additional notes:

  • This activity works best if music already plays an integral role in the classroom environment, either through community building, rhetorical analysis, or course theme.
  • Instructors can ask students to provide a reflection on which songs they chose for which source and why. But, since this is a “low-stakes” activity at the beginning of the T.i.C. process, I let students simply create the playlist and let it stand alone.