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TiC Idea Map

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Author: Jenne Stonaker

Activity name: TiC Idea Map

Class: PWR 1

Activity brief description:In this activity students create a visual map of their TIC. Using the attached handout, students fill in basic summary information for each source, and identify the perspective that each source brings to their TIC. Then, they draw connections between each source, helping them focus on the overall conversation in which they are engaging.

Schedule: This activity works best in the fifth or sixth week of the quarter. Students can use it as a pre-writing activity once they’ve identified sources, or as a reflective activity once they’ve completed their TIC draft.

Activity length: 30 minutes

Activity goals:

  • Get students to move past summary and identify the conversation between their sources.
  • Help students identify perspectives that are missing from their TIC.

Activity details:  See handout.  This handout can be printed out for students or the instructions can be adapted into a slide and students can work on their own paper.

Additional notes: I initially developed this activity in TIC conferences, in response to the lack of conversation in many of my students’ first drafts. I’ve adapted it in different ways in different quarters, sometimes coupling it with in-class TIC peer review. I also ask students to hold on to their idea maps, and we often refer back to them as we begin working on the RBA.

This activity was originally published as an Activity of the Week in fall 2014.