TiC Recipe (Layer B - Ideation and Development Series)

TiC Recipe (Layer B - Ideation and Development Series)

This asynchronous activity asks students to reconceive the sources they have gathered for their Texts in Conversation assignment (T.i.C.) as “ingredients” and explain how they will combine them in order to develop a deeper understanding of their research topics.

Activity title: The T.i.C. Recipe

Author: Harriett Jernigan

Course: PWR 1

Activity length and schedule: This activity works best once students have chosen five-six sources for the T.i.C. assignment, before the rough draft of the T.i.C., and typically takes three-four days (from date of assignment to due date). 

Activity goals:

  • Frame sources in relation to audience
  • Elicit development and explanation of process of putting sources in conversation with each other

Activity details: See detailed activity description (Canvas log-in required)

Additional notes:

  • Instructors can ask students to provide a reflection on how they assembled their recipes if desired.