TiC Playlist (Layer C - Ideation and Development Series)

TiC Playlist (Layer C - Ideation and Development Series)

This asynchronous activity prompts students to engage in artistic innovation by combining their music and research interests. By pairing their favorite songs with sources they have begun picking for their Texts in Conversation (T.i.C.) assignment, students begin to see their sources working “in concert” with each other.

Activity title: The T.i.C. Playlist

Author: Harriett Jernigan

Course: PWR 1

Activity length and schedule: This activity works best when beginning the (T.i.C.) assignment, before or immediately after the topic proposal, and typically takes three days (from date of assignment to due date). 

Activity goals:

  • Initiate the search for sources for the T.i.C.
  • Frame research as an enjoyable endeavor
  • Prompt artistic innovation
  • Prompt serendipitous discovery

Activity details: See detailed activity description (Canvas log-in required)

Additional notes:

  • This activity works best if music already plays an integral role in the classroom environment, either through community building, rhetorical analysis, or course theme.
  • Instructors can ask students to provide a reflection on which songs they chose for which source and why. But, since this is a “low-stakes” activity at the beginning of the T.i.C. process, I let students simply create the playlist and let it stand alone.