"Student Choice" Genre/Modes Assignment

"Student Choice" Genre/Modes Assignment

Overview: This assignment invites students to choose the genre and the mode in which they’d like to communicate the argument made in their Research-Based Argument from PWR 2.

Activity title: Writer’s Choice: Genre/Mode Assignment

Activity brief description: This assignment asks students to adapt the argument made in their Research-Based Argument for a different audience and/or situation. Students can choose any genre and/or mode they’d like. and have the option of presenting it, should they choose a performative genre. Before students create the actual work, they submit a written genre analysis and proposal explaining the rationale for their choice. Once students complete their genre/mode adaptation, they submit a reflection that considers the choices made in adapting their work. To encourage experimentation and creativity, assessment is based not on the quality of final product, but on the quality of students’ genre analysis and reflection. All students share their work in some form on the the final day of class.

Course: PWR 2

Activity Length & Schedule: Out-of-class assignment, Weeks 8-10

Activity goals:

  1. Present argument or information effectively by composing multimedia, monomodal and/or multimodal texts for a variety of audiences and purposes.

  2. Develop more complex knowledge about the impact of media or genre on delivering content and acquire skills in adaptation and translation.

  3. Acquire a deeper sense of the skills involved in generating new modes of expression

Activity Details: See handout.

This activity was originally shared as part of September Sessions 2016.