Preparing for the Library Workshop

Preparing for the Library Workshop

Overview: Most students benefit most from their library workshop when they've started to develop important search skills and connect them to their research even before they walk into Green Library.  This activity uses a worksheet to guide students through important steps (to be completed both prior to and also during the workshop) designed to help them make the most out of their session with the librarian.

Activity title: Developing Research Skills Before and During the Library Workshop

Author: Shannon Hervey

Activity Brief Description: This activity asks students to fill out a workshop that directs them through questions intended to help them connect research methodology (considering the different ways primary and second sources contribute to research; thinking about how they might integrate different types of sources into their research project, etc.) to the concrete research they'll do during their library workshop.

Course: PWR 1, though might be adapted to PWR 2 for use separate from a scheduled library workshop

Activity Length & Schedule: The first half should could be folded into class work, individually or collaboratively, but could also be assigned to be completed outside of class time before a scheduled workshop with a librarian.  The second half should be completed during the library workshop.

Activity Goals:  Through this activity, students will

  • Distinguish between different types of sources and how they might be used in supporting a research-based argument
  • Analyze the difference between primary and secondary materials in relation to their own research topic
  • Develop criteria for analyzing the credibility of digital texts
  • Apply strategies learned in the library workshop for gathering sources.

Activity Details:  See worksheet (PWR instructors only: Canvas log-in required).