Identifying Warrants or Assumptions

Identifying Warrants or Assumptions

Overview of the activity: This activity is designed for students to work through the warrants and assumptions they may have for their arguments and identify possible gaps at the early stage of the research process. They can use this activity to consolidate the research process and locate useful sources and materials to formulate a coherent argument.

Activity title: Identifying Warrants or Assumptions

Author: Tesla Schaeffer

Course: PWR 1 and PWR2

Activity length and schedule:  This activity is to be scheduled at the early stage of the RBA process, when students have some ideas about their research projects and have done some preliminary research.

Activity goals: This activity will help students think through the warrants and assumptions that come with their research projects. These include both personal and cultural/social warrants and assumptions. Students are asked to identify these warrants and assumptions, filling in the gaps that exist before they can form a coherent and substantiated argument. This exercise also encourages students to go back to their research tools and platforms and deepen their research findings.

Activity details:  Access the student-facing handout, complete with framing and instructions, here