Fall Quarter 2012 Feature: Peer Review

Fall Quarter 2012 Feature: Peer Review

The featured teaching practice for fall quarter is peer review.

Too many of us feel that we do “nothing special” with peer review in our classes, yet peer workshopping of drafts is a key feature of the PWR experience and can be a crucial moment in the student’s writing process.

At the Program Meeting on Friday, November 9th, we spent some time focusing on “Reinvigorating Peer Review,” a session designed to help lecturers re-imagine the pedagogical possibilities for designing peer review activities.

Gabrielle set the theoretical frame for the discussion by providing an overview of some key concerns and issues raised by recent scholarship; read her overview here.  Visit the Annotated Bibliography of Peer Review Materials for a list of the sources she referenced, links to full text, and a selection for further reading.

The second part of our Teaching & Tutoring Practices session featured interactive discussions with Alyssa and Carolyn, each of whom shared an activity that reimagined the possibilities for peer review as a pedagogical moment.

The session ended with a challenge: that each lecturer take a risk with peer review sometime in the next few weeks, whether that be a small tweak or a large-scale innovation.  We hope the hear back about some of the results of those experiments at the end of the quarter.

To access our archive of peer review instruction sheets and forms, visit the Peer Review materials page, also accessible through the left sidebar on this site.