Everyone loves revision

Everyone loves revision

Overview: This worksheet-driven activity leads students through several exercises designed to help them look critically at their writing during the revision process.

Author: Mark Feldman

Activity name: Everyone Loves Revision

Class: PWR 1/PWR 2

Activity brief description: Students use a worksheet as the basis of an in-class activity that asks them to think about the key concepts and claims that hold their essay together.  It encourages them to engage in a type of reverse-outlining.

Schedule: Works best when students have completed a full RBA draft

Activity length: 20-30 minutes of class time, with possibility of follow-up work outside of class

Activity goals: To encourage students to think critically about their RBA draft with special attention to the cohesion and coherence of their argument.

Activity details:  See handout.

Additional notes: This activity was originally published as an Activity of the Week in winter 2014.