"Because no one stares when I wear my bonnet" TiC activity

"Because no one stares when I wear my bonnet" TiC activity

Throught this activity, students work in pairs to explore and analyze artifacts related to Black women's natural hair, creating a stakeholder identity that they then use to comment on the image, both in a brief presentation and a fake tweet-and-response exchange.

Activity title: "Because no one stares when I wear my bonnet": a TiC activity

Author: Harriett Jernigan

Course: PWR 1 or PWR 2

Activity schedule and length: This activity can take place at any part of the quarter.

Activity goals: 

  • To encourage students to practice analysis
  • To identify stakeholders
  • To experiment with persona
  • To deliver argument in multiple modes (oral argument, social media)

Activity details:  After choosing a partner, students explore an artifact; create a profile for the stakeholder for that artifact; introduce themselves to the rest of the class in the persona of that stakeholder; and then engage in a mock twitter exchange using that identity.

See the full instructions here as well as a pdf of PPT slides here.