Async Peer Review

Async Peer Review

Overview of the activity: This asynchronous activity allows students to peer review their RBA drafts by focusing on higher-order content (ideas, structure, flow, clarity). It gives students focused time of work outside of class meetings while encouraging them to give and receive focused feedback on their research papers.

Activity title: Asynchronous RBA Peer Review

Author: Tesla Schaeffer

Course: PWR 2, though could be adapted to PWR 1

Activity length and schedule: This activity is to be scheduled after students finish the first draft of their RBA. Students will find time outside of the class to work in small groups and complete this activity.

Activity goals: This activity helps familiarize students with the peer review process by allowing them the flexibility and freedom of doing it outside of class meeting time. It also gives students an opportunity to give and receive focused feedback, as it asks them to think about areas that they want to work on prior to participating in the peer-review session. Finally, the activity helps students receive help with higher-order areas of their papers and improve their drafts qualitatively.

Activity details: Students will form small-group peer-review teams and find a time to do this activity after they submit their first drafts, before they meet with the instructor.  See the full student-facing handout here.