Activity of the Week: National Day on Writing Photo Caption Contest (autumn 2014; week 5)

Activity of the Week: National Day on Writing Photo Caption Contest (autumn 2014; week 5)

Activity Name:

National Day on Writing Hume Center Photo Caption Contest

Activity Brief Description:

National Day on Writing is Monday, October 20, and to recognize this auspicious event, the Hume Center would like to invite your students in PWR1 and PWR2 to participate in the Hume Center’s photo caption contest. The contest runs all week! We hope this serves as a fun way to remind your students about the Hume Center. Ask students to go to the Hume Facebook page and work in groups to compose captions for each of the three photos (they can compose for one, two, or three photos depending on how much time you are allotting to this activity). They might then assess the rhetorical effectiveness of their proposed captions (timely? audience-appropriate? humorous? visual and written arguments working together? memorable?), and revise the strongest contenders for concision and precision before submitting to the contest. If a group wins a prize, they must share it, so you might encourage each student to polish and submit their own caption after completing group work. (Students will need to log into their own Facebook page in order to post.)

Time of activity:

Between 15 and 30 minutes

Instructions for accessing photos and posting on Facebook

Please share the link above with your students if you have difficulty finding the photo album on Hume’s Facebook page Newsfeed

  • Students should click on the photo and submit their proposed captions in the “Comments” section below the appropriate photo

Full instructions are in the attached document; they are also posted on the Hume Center Facebook page.

If you have class on Monday morning, please also encourage your students to stop by the Hume Center table at White Plaza on Monday, October 20, from noon-2pm, where there will be word games and cookies! (See attached flyer.)