Instructor Achievements

Instructors in Stanford's Program in Writing & Rhetoric maintain an active scholarly life that builds from and complements their classroom pedagogy.  Below, you can browse many of their different accomplishments from between April 2018 through April 2019:

Professional Awards & Recognitions (April 2018-April 2019)

Felt, Lindsey Dolich. Grant, 2019-2020 Curatorial Residency, SOMArts. "Recoding CripTech" with co-collaborator Vanessa Chang.
Richardson, Rebecca. artsCatalyst Grant, 2018-2019 (April 2019).
Rosenberg, Douglas, Selby Wynn Schwartz, et al. 2018 Oscar G. Brockett Book Prize for Dance Research. Awarded by the Dance Studies Association for The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies (edited volume). Schwartz, Selby Wynn. artsCatalyst grants. Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019.
Tarr, Kathleen. Program in Writing and Rhetoric Research Award, Stanford University (2014-2018). Tarr, Kathleen. Co-Sponsorship (Getting Played Symposium), Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Stanford University (2017-2018). Tarr, Kathleen. artsCatalyst Award, Stanford Arts Institute (2014-18). 

Publications (April 2018-April 2019)

Elbelazi, Samah & Alharbi, Lama. (2019). The “Exotic Other”: A Poetic Autoethnography of Two Muslim Teachers in Higher Education. Qualitative Inquiry.
Felt, Lindsey Dolich. "Cyberpunk's Other Hackers: The Girls Who Were Plugged In." Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience 5.1 (2019). DOI:
Johnson, Jennifer T. “Participation in a Global Hearing Culture: Hearing Mothers’ Translations of Their Childrens’ Deafworlds.” Applied Linguistics, amz022, (May 10, 2019).
Kantor, Hayden S. "A Body Set between Hot and Cold: Everyday Sensory Labor and Attunement in an Indian Village." Food, Culture & Society, 22:2 (March 14, 2019): 237-252,
Kinsey, Valerie. "Life and Death of Mary Percy Stone." Hypertext (February 19, 2019).
---. "In the Darkroom." Whistling Shade (January 21, 2019).
---. "Grandmother's Gifts." Santa Fe Writers Project (October 1, 2018).
---. "Chest Pains." Sweet Tree Review (August 16, 2018).
Pittock, Sarah Peterson. “Inclusion Takes Effort: What Inclusive Approaches to Writing Tutoring Can Bring to Writing in the Disciplines.” The WAC Journal, vol. 29 (December 2018).
Richardson, Rebecca. “The Environmental Uncanny: Imagining the Anthropocene in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, March 7, 2019.
---. “Grief As It Is: Genre and Narrative Withholding in the Miserable Memoir,” Contemporary Women’s Writing, forthcoming.
Schwartz, Selby Wynn. The Bodies of Others: Drag Dances and Their Afterlives. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2019.
Tarr, Kathleen et al. Intersections: Identity, Access & Equity: The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California (2019). The Center for the Advancement of Women, Mount Saint Mary’s University. PDF and Web. <>
---. “The Arduous Ride(r) to Inclusion,” Cultural Weekly (25 April 2018). Ed. Adam Leipzig. Web. <>.
---. White Paper on Achieving a Safe and Inclusive Theatre-Making Environment. Theatre Bay Area (June 2018). PDF and Web. <>.

Conference Presentations & Invited Talks (April 2018-April 2019)

Alfano, Christine. "Reimagining the Research Log: Developing Multimodal Scaffolding for the Research-Writing Process." Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburg, PA. March 13-16, 2019. 
Alfano, Christine and Chris Kamrath. "Cultivating a Culture of Sharing among Writing Faculty: Pedagogy, Property, Precarity, and Teaching Cultures.” Conference of Writing Program Administrators, Sacramento, CA. July 2018.
Alfano, Christine, Tessa Brown, Zandra Jordan, Ashley Newby, and Sarah Pittock, co-presenters. “What if we tried shared governance? Challenges and opportunities in administration by (lecturer) committee.”  Conference of Writing Program Administrators, Sacramento, CA. July 2018.
Alharbi, Lama and Elbelazi, Samah. "“The Illusion of Inclusivity on Campus: Poetic Narratives of Muslim Hijabi Teachers” with Lama Alharbi. Paper will be presented in AERA conference. Toronto, Canada, April, 2019.
Elbelazi, Samah. "Poetic Ethnography as a Research Method to Explore Individuals’ Experiences: Case Study of Libyan Women." Paper presented at the Fourteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Urbana Illinois. May, 2018.
---. Poetry as a healing and inspiring method in the writing classroom.” A paper/workshop. CATESOL conference. Anaheim, CA. December, 2018.
---. Theorizing Libyan feminism. Paper feedback and discussion as part of Work in Progress (WIP), Council in Anthropology and Education.(WIP). American Anthropological Association (AAA). San Jose. CA. November, 2018. 
Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. “Complicating Multilingual Writer Identities Within and Beyond Institutional Contexts.” Second Language Writing Standing Group Workshop: Staying woke on campus: Promoting social justice for multilingual students. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburgh, PA. March 13-16 2019. Conference Presentation. 
Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. "It's multilingual learner, as in like you're still learning": Complicating assumptions of the "multilingual" student identity in higher education. Symposium on Second Language Writing, Simon Fraser University & University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada, August 2-4, 2018. Conference Presentation.
Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. “A more just campus for multilingual students.” TESOL-SLW webinar. May 10, 2019. Presentation. 
Felt, Lindsey Dolich. "Bionic Ears: Cochlear Implants and the Future of Assistive Technology." Perspectives in Assistive Technology, ENGR 110/210. Stanford University. Stanford, CA, 5 February 2019. Guest Lecture.
Johnson, Jennifer. “The Reflexivity Memo: Performing Culture and Agency to Develop Student Researcher Identities” in Panel: “Performing Research/Research as Performance: Cultivating Students' Identities as Researcher-Writers”. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburg, PA. March 13-16, 2019. Conference Presentation. 
Kantor, Hayden S. “Crouched in a Potato Field: Reclaiming the Middle and Mundane in Anthropology.” American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting, San Jose, November 14-18, 2018. Conference presentation.
---. “Locating the Farmer: Ideologies of Agricultural Work in Rural Bihar.” The Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, October 11-14, 2018. Conference presentation.
Kinsey, Valerie. "Enacting Genre-d Power Dynamics: Reflections on a Graduate Seminar on Genre Theory Nine Years Later." Conference on College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, PA, 13-19 March 2019. Conference Presentation.
Richardson, Rebecca. “Place, Health, and Self in Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journals.” Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, England, 6-16 August 2018. Conference Presentation.
Schwartz, Selby Wynn. “Dancing Alone Together: Perspectives on Batsheva.” Invited Guest Lecture, ITALIC. March 12, 2019.
Tarr, Kathleen. “Consumer activism: Engaging Viewers to Vote With Their Dollars for Gender Equity,” Women’s Media Summit. Facilitator Dr. Caroline Heldman. Crown & Anchor, Provincetown, Massachusetts. 6 April 2018. Invited Panelist.
---. “Finding Your Voice,” Conversations with Remarkable Women. Moderator David Adler. Alturas Institute, Bennion Student Union Bldg. University Place, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 17 May 2018. Invited Co-Panelist.
---. “In Death Greed Has A Name. His Name Is Robert Newsom,” SIN. Curated by Christian Cagigal. Odd Salon, Public Works, San Francisco, California. 5 June 2018. Invited Speaker.
---. “White Supremacy in Constitutional Law: An Interactive Workshop,” Rights and Wrongs: A Constitution and Citizenship Day Conference at SF State. J. Paul Leonard Library 121, San Francisco State University. San Francisco, California. 17 September 2018. Co-Presenter.
---. “Brave Spaces: The Courage to Speak, the Courage to Hear, the Courage to Act,” Theatre Bay Area Town Hall. Moderator Carmen Moran (artEquity). Google Community Space, San Francisco, California. 17 October 2018. Invited Panelist/Activist.
---. “Communicating Beyond Bias: the role of curiosity in reducing discrimination.” Latino Medical Students Association, Tosteson Medical Education Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. 15 February 2019. Special Guest Speaker.

Workshop, Panel, or Symposia that instructors coordinating, moderating, or organizing) 

Elbelazi, Samah. "Poetic Auto-ethnography in Writing Classroom: Healing and Self-discovery” Workshop. TexTESOL Conference. San Antonio, Texas. April, 2018.
Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. “The Multilingual Toolbox: How to Equip MLL Students with Inclusive & Practical Strategies”, Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, Oct. 24, 2018.
Felt, Lindsey Dolich. Mediations: Disability, Technology and the Arts. Inaugural Disability Studies Conference. Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 18 May 2019. Moderator.Tarr, Kathleen. “Sexual Harassment: It’s Core & Constitution,” Women’s Media Summit. Crown & Anchor, Provincetown, Massachusetts. 6 April 2018. Invited Facilitator. 
Johnson, Jennifer. “Stanford Undergraduate Research Association (SURA) Kickoff Event.” Black Community Service Center, Stanford, CA. Oct. 1, 2018. Panelist. 
Tarr, Kathleen. “Megabator and Go Fund Her,” Women’s Media Summit. Napi’s, Provincetown, Massachusetts. 6 April 2018. Working Group Co-Facilitator. Tarr, Kathleen. “Seismic Shifts: Embracing a Changing Theatre Ecology,” 2018 Theatre Bay Area’s Annual Conference. Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, California. 30 April 2018. Invited Facilitator. Tarr, Kathleen. “Getting Played: Fifth Annual Symposium on Equity in the Entertainment Industry and Awards.” Black Community Services Center, Stanford University, Stanford, California. 2 March 2019. Moderator, Producer. <>

Exhibits and Performances

Schwartz, Selby Wynn. Artist Mentor. "Site Unseen." Performance. Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin Prison. Jan. 2018.
Tarr, Kathleen. AIDS Emergency Fund/Positive Resource Center Christmas Eve Dinner. Green Room, San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center, San Francisco, California. 2005-present. Volunteer Singer/Performer. 
Watters, Ann. "Tree of Life Heart." Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital's Gallery of Hearts, San Francisco, CA February, 2019.

Community Service and Service to the Field

Elbelazi, Samah. Editorial Board Member. English Language Teaching Journal. Elbelazi, Samah. Reviewer. AERA 2017-present.
Felt, Lindsey. Board Member, Stanford Disability Initiative. September 2017-present.
Johnson, Jennifer. Manuscript Reviewer. American Anthropologist & Linguistics and Education Journal. 2018-19.
---. Review Editor. CATESOL (California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Journal. 2016-present. 
Pittock, Sarah. Member. Student Affairs Faculty Advisory Board. Stanford University. September 2018-present.
Tarr, Kathleen. Juror, “Visualutionaries,” Black Laurel Film Festival. 2018. Tarr, Kathleen. Volunteer, Women’s Cancer Resource Center. Oakland, California. 2017-present.

Other Accomplishments

DeWeaver, Emile, and Selby Wynn Schwartz. Co-Directors, Prison Renaissance at Stanford. Sept 2017-Present.
Richardson, Rebecca. Interview with Soniah Kamal, author of Unmarriageable: Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan, hosted by Kepler’s Books, Menlo Park, CA (March 27, 2019).
Tarr, Kathleen. First place, USRowing Indoor Championships, CRASH-B Sprints, Golden State Indoor Rowing Championships, San Diego Classic Indoor Rowing Championships, and Fool’s Fest Sprints (2K World Record). PR3 (PD) (2019).
---. “RichardListens on Sports — Special Guest Dr. Kathleen Tarr.” Host Richard Oelberger. Universal Broadcasting Network, Sunset Gower Studios, Los Angeles, California. 23 April 2018. <>.

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