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RBA Bingo

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Author: Meg Formato

Activity Name: RBA Bingo

Class: PWR 1/PWR 2

Activity Brief description:   The instructor provides students with pre-made Bingo cards from an online Bingo card generator, like the Osric bingo card generator.  Students circulate around the room, finding people to help them fill up their Bingo boxes. The instructor fills the Bingo card squares in with memorable details from the students’ RBAs; make sure that every student’s project is represented by at least one square.

Schedule: After the revision of the RBA has been turned in; this was originally created as a last day celebration activity.

Activity length: ~20 minute

Activity details: This is a way to get students to have a bunch of quick conversations about their research and appreciate the range of topics and approaches we took on together in our research and writing. It was really fun! I also valued how rewarded students who had invested in one another's research through peer review, small group discussions, etc. Those were the students who won the BINGO game and a small prize. Were I to do this again, I think I'd mix in some process squares along with some of the research topic squares.  Squares like 'requested a book from interlibrary loan,' 'wrote their introduction after writing the rest of the RBA,' 'learned and used a citation style that was new to them,' 'had a visit to Hume that helped them revise'..." 

See Meg's sample Bingo cards below:

RBA Bingo Cards