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Oral Reflection

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Author: Kathleen Tarr

Activity title: Oral Reflection: Genre/Modes Assignment

Activity brief description: At the end of the quarter, students engage with the genre/modes assignment by creating a creative and memorable 3-5 minute oral reflection of their learning in the course. Their spoken word presentation, song, or other variety of oral presentation requires clear answers to seven questions and includes acknowledgements of the people and sources that contributed to their success and growth as researchers, writers, and presenters. In creating their oral reflection, students consider what they have learned, their strengths of delivery and analysis, what they might have done differently, and how the skills they have developed might apply in the future.

Course: PWR 2

Activity Length & Schedule: Presented in class, Week 10

Activity goals:

  1. Evaluate technical engagement with major assignments

  2. Reflect in detail on significant skills or a key learning experience as it pertains to the goals of the course

  3. Connect learning in the course with future communication goals and practices at Stanford and/or beyond

Activity Details: See handout.

Additional notes: Encouraging students to have fun and take risks results in amazing presentations. It is important in this regard that grading of the Genre/Modes assignment is not based upon a standard of excellence but instead upon whether students simply answer the seven questions and include acknowledgements in their creative and memorable reflections.

This activity was originally shared as part of September Sessions 2016.